Foodie Find:Sushi Tsujita

IMG_5645As a lifelong resident of the valley, I never purposely go out of my way to travel to the west side. It’s just too far! This has become an issue since more and more places near Santa Monica have been stacking up on my restaurant wish list. But when a job takes me that way, I take advantage!

I was in West LA by Sawtelle Blvd and intended to grab Tsukemen (a dipping ramen) at TSUJITA LA ARTISAN NOODLE ANNEX, but of course the line was already an hour wait! (I point this out to secretly also recommend going to the Annex to grab this ramen dish, which is so good!) Luckily I remembered TSUJITA has a sister restaurant with a fun lunch special just down the street. Thank you late night yelp/menu obsessions!

SUSHI TSUJITA is mostly known as an Omakase place with dinners ranging from $140-$180. This is important to point out since you know that means the quality of the fish they prepare is going to be amazing!

My Foodie Find is the Bari Chirashi Bowl (a sushi box costing only $18).IMG_5644

This sushi box is filled with seasoned sushi rice, diced cucumbers, and assorted pieces of salmon, shrimp, and other marinated fish all collaged together, and sprinkled with Ikura (salmon roe). The lunch also comes with miso soup, making it the best $18 I’ve spent in a while!

Even though my chopstick technique is on point, my server advised me to use the spoon to scoop everything up, resulting in perfect bite after perfect bite!

(It also doesn’t hurt to report the clean bathroom with a heated toilet added the extra touch haha!).

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